Hi, I’m Dee! I make websites for fun and for other people here in Makati, PH.

Making webcomics is a passion I’ve been wanting to pursue since I was in college but there’s always been some reason or another why I had a hard time.

So I built this blog to chart my progress and share the things I’ve learned about writing, drawing, and marketing my webcomics.

What’s in it for you?

You should bookmark Webkomik.net if you want:

  1. links on writing better stories
  2. tutorials on improving your art
  3. digital marketing tricks to get more readers
  4. invites to local events for webcomic creators

If you fall under any of those, then stick around or share it with your friends!

More Stuff for Everyone

I do my best to write good content whenever possible but I can’t find all the cool things by myself.

If you’ve found something that you think our friends here at The Webkomik Network will like, write to me via dee@webkomik.com!

If it’s cool, I’ll feature you and your find (so let me know your website or blog so we can link to you)!