Steve Jobs VS the Apple Pencil

If there’s one thing I appreciate that Apple does really well, it’s their advertisements, and even if it’s about a product which Steve Jobs seriously disliked.

He’s previously been recorded taking a jab at styluses but this new video from Apple shows the company’s taken to seeing the Apple Pencil, their newest addition to the Apple family, in a completely different light.

No lie—the ad has me itching to buy both the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil even though I’ve already got a Wacom tablet.

If ever I do decide to get one, I’ll likely still hold off for now just to see how everyone else’s feedback turns out first. The whole bendgate thing should still be a fresh warning when it comes to being one of the earlier buyers.

More about the Apple Pencil

Looking to read a bit more about the Apple Pencil and how it fits into the Apple scheme of things? You can check out this article on The Verge.


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